We build Robots and Robot Subassemblies.

Mission Statement - Good Designs

Promote Our Kind Of Robots:

The kind of robots that Toronto Robotics Club is a fan of has the following attributes:

  • Helpful to people – playing chess with a senior, or bringing a coffee from the kitchen is the kind of unit we want to build and see.
  • Not intentionally harmful to people by design – We firmly believe that robots need to have hardware and software that addresses issues before they become issues. We believe in proactive safety and privacy. For example if a key word is said the robot must shut down it’s motion, and this must be true, even if a malicious person or software has cracked their way into the robot. We must put safety into the robot by design, not as a knee jerk reaction after the fact.
  • Privacy, Privacy, Privacy – Some people use DuckDuckGo as their search engine, they are not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other type of social media. We are hoping that any robot that gets built is able to meet the highest privacy requirements such a person puts forward. We do recognize that some of these attributes are a bit idealistic; however, when our club reaches maturity (measured via number of robots built), we will begin to focus our attention on making existing robots compliant with our ideals rather than churning out more robots that don't meet the standard of the club.